Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide a credit card for a Free account?

No. Credit/Debit cards are only required for paid modules.

What is a module?

A module is our way of splitting up the functionality of our site to give you access to plans that fit the needs of your business.

Am I able to download the images I view?

Yes. When you view an image the download option will appear. Once you click the "Download" button your download will start.

How do I know what module/plan to choose?

Each module/plan has a set value of unique views that your account is allowed to use each month. If you're not sure how many views you will need you can start with the Free plan and once you run out of views you can upgrade.

Are Free and Paid plans different / How are views tracked and calculated?

Yes. Free and paid plans differ in the way their history is tracked and unique views are calculated.


On a Free plan your history of views resets each month. If you view a document or index at the start of the month you can view it as many times as you want until the start of the next month without accruing another view. Once the next calendar month starts all images you viewed will be forgotten and viewing the same document again will count as a view.

Alternatively, with a paid module/plan, you can view the same document month after month and year after year without ever accruing any additional views for that document.


Free and paid modules/plans have their own set of history. If you view a document or index on a Free plan and upgrade to a paid plan your history will no longer show that you've viewed that index/document and vice versa.

Can I upgrade/downgrade plans after I choose one?

Yes. We're working on the ability to upgrade/downgrade/cancel on our website but at the moment you can give us a call or send us an email for any changes.

How am I charged?

Once you provide your credit/debit card after selecting a document or index module (or both) you will be charged immediately for the amount shown. Your subscription will automatically renew each month on the day made your initial payment.

How am I charged if I upgrade/downgrade?

If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription you will have immediate access to your new subscription benefits (increased or decreased view count). Since changes take effect immediately a prorated amount will be added to the following months bill accordingly.

For example: if you upgrade from a plan that costs $100 per month to a plan that costs $200 per month and you initially started your subscription on the 12th of the month, depending on what day you are upgrading depends on what your next months bill will be. The difference between your new plan and your current plan is $100 (new plan of $200 minus your old plan of $100). Therefore, if you upgrade in the exact middle of the month (meaning you'll only have the new benefits for half of the month) your next bill will be 250 (the price of your new monthly charge of $200 plus half of the difference between your new and old plans). Any additional upgrades or downgrades will be handled in the same way.

Can I receive a refund?

Possibly. Give us a call and we'll see what your situation is.

Are my credit/debit cards stored on your site?

No. Credit/Debit card numbers are not stored on our site and your information never actually passes through our server. We have integrated with Stripe and are very careful to only send the minimum information required to make a purchase without storing any sensitive information on our site.